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Diving Equipment – Fins & Weight Belt

Posted: May 12th, 2008 | Author: admin | Filed under: Basic Scubadiving Skills, Diving Equipment, Equipments, Introduction to Scuba Diivng, Scubadiving Skills | Tags: , , , | Comments Off

Fins    :    Fins have an important role among diving equipment. Simply, fins are extensions of our feet that help us move easily underwater. Generally they are made up of rubber and similar materials.When choosing the most important point is to choose the exact size that fits our feet, to get the most out of our diving adventure and for not having any problems underwater.

Weight Belt    :  Weight belts are used to help divers to maintain neutral bouyancy underwater. They have various types that change with respect to diving suits that are used and  person who is using them.The most important thing when choosing a weight belt is to have one which can be opened easily with one hand