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Dos, and Don'ts of Scuba diving

Posted: September 11th, 2008 | Author: admin | Filed under: Basic Scubadiving Skills, Scubadiving Skills | Tags: , | Comments Off
  • Do not hold your breath underwater, just breath normally as if you are on the surface.
  • Always keep youself fit physically.
  • Do not dive if you are using drugs and/or alcohol .
  • Regularly practice the necessary skills for diving.
  • If you do not dive regularly, get back to your diving book and read the necessary articles.
  • Learn the necessary information about your dive site before your dive .
  • If the water and weather conditions are worse at the diving point, cancel your dive or dive in another suitable location.
  • Do not dive beyond the limitations of your certificate.
  • Check your dive equipment before your dives and never dive with old and unsitable equipment.
  • Do not leave your buddy. (Your buddy is your nearest alternative air supply underwater and you guard against situations).
  • Listen to the breefings before the dives.
  • Talk to your buddy about the details of the dive before the dive and discuss your emergency plan in detail.
  • Learn how to use the diving tables.
  • Obey the diving limitations of your dive tables and make all your dives non-decompression dives.
  • Check your dept and dive time regularly underwater.
  • Fasten your weight belt in a way that can be opened with your right hand.
  • Check your buddy before the dives.