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Diving Equipment – Diving Suit

Posted: May 12th, 2008 | Author: admin | Filed under: Basic Scubadiving Skills, Diving Equipment, Introduction to Scuba Diivng | Tags: , , | Comments Off

Diving Suits are one of the basic scubadiving equipments. The general purpose of these suits, which are made of a material called neopren, is to protect the divers from external effects and help them keep their body temperature. In general there are two types of diving suits, wet suits and dry suits. Wet suits are the ones that are used in recreational scuba diving. Dry suits are used in cold seas and cold seasons, generally in industrial dives.The main point in choosing a diving suit is to choose the one that fits the body of the diver. The hats and shoes are also can be considered as a part of the diving suit and will help the diver keep his body temperature and maintain protection from external effects.

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