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Diving Equipment – Mask & Snorkel

Posted: May 12th, 2008 | Author: admin | Filed under: Basic Scubadiving Skills, Diving Equipment, Equipments, Introduction to Scuba Diivng, Scubadiving Skills | Tags: , , | Comments Off

Masks :As the purpose of the recreational diving is visual, the masks also have an importance among the diving equipments. They are the windows of the divers to the wonderful underwater world. The masks are generally made up of a silicone frame and a glass front. The divers have to choose the masks that exactly fit their faces with a wide view and a small inner volume. People with glasses can also buy masks that have numbered glasses.

Snorkel :   Snorkels help divers to breath without taking their heads out of water on the surface.  Snorkels prevent the consumption of air on the surface and help dives to dive efficiently.

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